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The UK‘s original classified ads paper

Frequency: 3 times a week in London and Manchester (Sunday / Wednesday / Friday). Weekly in Liverpool (Friday) and North (Wednesday)

Copies distributed: 86,095

Cover price: £1.50 in London. £1.00 in Manchester, Liverpool and North

Established: 1985

Website: loot.com

View Publications: London, Manchester, Liverpool,

Bargain Pages

Bargain Pages

The leading classified publication in the West Midlands, Wales and South West of England

Frequency: Twice a week (Tuesday / Friday) in the West Midlands (Birmingham, the Black Country, Wolverhampton). Weekly in Wales (Wednesday). Weekly in South West of England (Tuesday).

Copies distributed: 27,836

Cover price: West Midlands £1.20 / Wales £1.80 / South West England £1.60

Established: 1990, acquired by Loot Ltd in 2009

Website: bargainpages.co.uk

View Publications: Midlands, Wales

FreeAd Mart

FreeAd Mart

Classifieds publication serving the south of England

Frequency: Published every Tuesday

Cover price: £1.60

Location: South of England

website: freeadmart.co.uk

Unique visitors: over 25,000 every month

Page Visits: Over 326,470 per month

View Publications: Anglia, South West

Source: * Publisher statement (January to June 2011) **Google analytics monthly average (October - December 2011)